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Hello again!

I hope you’re all enjoying this gorgeous day in the middle of March! We finally have some sun in & around London (perhaps the first time in 2017??) and it has definitely lifted my mood!

So, as the title suggests, this Post will be all about my favourite Youtubers. I’m quite selective on who I watch on YouTube, so this will be a rather succinct list! I love a YouTuber is informative, interesting and above all – entertaining, and I think this will be reflected in my list below! All YouTube Channels are linked below as well.

1 – Laura Lee

Laura is from Alabama in the US, so has a really cute Southern drawl which adds such character to her Videos. She’s been on YouTube for a Number of years, showcasing her artistic and creative talents with Hair and Make Up. She is married, and occasionally incorporates her husband into her videos (as well as showing her two cats on her Snapchat!). Laura has also collaborated with the Cosmetic Brand “Violet Voss”, to create the “Laura Lee Eyeshadow Palette“, with every shadow name inspired by her life and background of the South. Laura also has a Vlog Channel where she posts Videos of trips, or exciting events she has attended.

She’s a very funny, sweet and entertaining YouTuber, and always makes time to thank her fans for their encouragement and support of her growth as a Businesswoman.
My favourite videos she creates are First Impression Tutorials, as she combines a Fantastic Tutorial of a beautiful look, with new products she has recently purchased, or products she has been sent. Check her out and you’ll leave feeling cheery as Laura’s silliness and optimism is infectious!

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2 – Manny Mua

Manny is one of the very few Male YouTubers that specialise in Make Up and Beauty. He has come so far in fact that he has been picked up to be the face of Maybelline in the next few months! See his Campaign Video here.

His YouTube style is sassy, frank and he “tells you exactly how it is” – so much so that at the beginning of each video he says “as always, if you don’t like this video – if you don’t like me, please don’t f*cking watch it. You know the drill with that”. If that isn’t straight talking, I don’t know what is! My favourite videos of his are “Favourites and Disappointments” – as the title suggests, he goes through his favourite and least favourite products of that month.

Image result for manny mua

3 – Jackie Aina

Jackie is a YouTuber that has been around for a loooong time, so she really knows a few Tips & Tricks of the trade. Her first Video was uploaded 7 Years ago, and has been supplying us with informative, sassy and creative videos ever since. Jackie uses all manner of products, but really highlights products that worked well for her – as a woman with dark skin. She makes a point of highlighting which brands cater for People of Colour, and which brands tend to disappoint and offer a poor selection of products suitable for people with darker skin tones (she has often found her skin tone is the darkest catered for in products like concealers, and more importantly Foundations,  – despite the colour spectrum deepening further than her skin tone). Jackie also has her own collection of Head Wraps and Chokers, see the video of her announcing that here. Plus, she has collaborated with Artist Couture to release a “La Bronze” Highlighter, see the video of her announcing that here.

One of the reasons I watch Jackie is because she is so honest about her opinions, and won’t hesitate to call companies or Brands out on their lack of diversity in shade ranges, or lack of options for those with darker complexions.Plus, she does so with dignity and a level of shade-throwing humour that only she can pull off, that it makes me roar with laughter too.

Image result for jackie aina

4 – Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie is a Dutch YouTuber living in California who is great at creating Celebrity Inspired Make Up looks.She finds unique and strange products to test, and throws herself into every tutorial and really illustrates good make up looks on very fair skin, without looking orange (as a pale lady myself, this is great)! She has also collaborated with Too Faced to create an Eyeshadow Palette, that you can get here.

One of the reasons I chose to watch Nikkie’s videos, is her high production values! Her channel looks so professional, expensive and has the feel that a Videographer is really directing and shooting every video. She also has such a sweet and sincere innocence about her, that makes you really warm to her, and trust her authenticity, as well as speaking two languages fluently – which in my opinion is impressive and certainly something to admire! My favourite video’s of Nikkies are her “Hits and Oh God No’s”.

Image result for nikkie tutorials

5 – Jeffree Star

Similarly to Manny, Jeffree is a rarity in that he is a Male YouTuber that has made it big in the Make Up Industry. At heart Jeffree is a Consumer, but also has a large amount of knowledge about Cosmetics as he owns his own Make Up Brand, which you can purchase here. Jeffree’s boyfriend Nathan features in a handful of his video, and includes his four gorgeous Pomeranians on his SnapChat videos.

Jeffree is known to be controversial, meaning many do not like/support his work. Regardless, he is fairly fearless in his opinions and certainly isn’t afraid to upset or offend – if he doesn’t like a product, you are going to know about it! He is absolutely fierce, comes out with the most bizarre and hysterical phrases, along with being unapologetic-ally frank . My favourite videos of his are by far the videos in which he tests out new products – especially those that are unheard of, or far too expensive for the average Beauty lover to afford! I enjoy seeing how the other half live! I also like the fact Jeffree openly and pubic-ally supports Independent or small brands (such as the Rainbow Highlighters), and sheds light on products that are not advertised in the mainstream media.

Image result for jeffree star

6 – Too Much Mouth 

Too Much Mouth is a 22 Year Old YouTuber that appears to have a secret name – I’ve searched high & low and I can’t find her name anywhere! She mostly reviews Foundations for People of Colour, as she herself has a very deep, rich skin tone, similar to Lupita Nyong’o. She has a wealth of knowledge on what makes a good foundation for people of colour, so knows which shades and tones are best to avoid (hint: red tones in a dark foundation are usually a no-go!).

She’s very honest, frank and down to Earth, perhaps because of her age, she doesn’t come across as Sassy, but more sincere and trustworthy. She hands out advice, and imparts her wisdom based on her experiences, as well as doing Storytimes, of both good and bad incidences that have happened in recent years. I love her honesty, realness and her overall classic beauty that she showcases in every video. She is stunning both with and without make up, and really knows what compliments her best. my favourite of her videos are where she examines hyped up products and really analyses them to see if they truly are worth the hype and popularity.

Image result for too much mouth

I hope you enjoyed reading my Favourites! Please comment & let me know yours, I’d love to branch out on who I watch and find some new favourites! Keep me updated, and I’ll post again soon.

P.S. I’m going to Berlin soon, so might do a review of the best places to see & visit there. I hope that’s something you’ll enjoy, and I can’t wait to visit a new place!

Lots of love, Pammy xoxo


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